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Immigration is not a ‘white’ thing it’s a better life thing

“Yes, as the title states, I’m a black South African and I want to go live elsewhere. Why, you ask is it important that I state my race? It’s simple; people seem to assume that only white South Africans are leaving the country simply because they don’t like blacks in power.

Immigration Is Not A ‘White’ Thing It’S A Better Life Thing

This is not true, most are leaving because they don’t see a future for South Africa and sadly, I don’t either,” ,” continues Michael027 in his post that drew 138 comments – mostly of support.

Although not much is known of the poster it is certain that his views are shared by more and more young South Africans wanting to ensure they will have the opportunity to build a thriving career and enjoy a good quality of life.

Michael voices concerns shared by many South Africans – regardless of their race, ethnicity, culture, language or back ground.

“I don’t say this lightly, because I love this country. We all deserve better than this and I feel like I need to experience what it’s like to live in a country where its leaders are accountable, the government looks after its people and the citizenry makes educated choices at the polls.”

In his letter Michael continues to say that he has 3 years left in South Africa, “The 2019 general elections are where the decision will be made for me. I need to see if there is any hope left for this country, change might compel me to stay, but more of the same will definitely convince me to spread my wings and fly like a determined rooster.

The writer warns that it is educated employable citizen – able to make a difference that is leaving the country. “Those people are taking their education, experience and skills elsewhere, simply because they expect better.

“The poverty levels are disgusting, unemployment levels are completely unacceptable, our education system is a shambles, our aging water and sanitation infrastructure isn't getting the attention it deserves and Eskom... well, Eskom, what more can I say. I wish there was an easy solution but there just isn't, it's up to the people of South Africa to stop the rot.”
The reasons for considering immigration seem to be the same for everyone – it’s not a race thing, it’s a better life thing. The common thread is that migrants, regardless of their race, background or believes, crave the chance of a life filled with peace, freedom, opportunities, access to education and good quality healthcare.

Immigrants are willing to go through the proverbial wringer to enjoy the type of life taken for granted by many world citizens.

On the question what the profile of immigrating South Africans look like Robbie Ragless CEO of leading immigration agency New World Immigration answers, “We are mostly approached by South African families looking to start a life overseas but many many young talented intelligent professionals are leaving the country too.

“It certainly isn’t a ‘race thing’. We field immigration queries from families and individuals from all ethnicities and cultures.

“Immigrating is not easy,” comments Ragless

“It costs money, takes commitment and demands your patience, but it is worth it for those who believe their future is not in the country.

Ragless cautions that immigrating is a complicated legal process and should be embarked upon with the help of an experienced and registered immigration practitioner.

“It is not easy to leave everything behind and start over in a different country.

“If you are doing your immigration yourself be prepared for an expensive process requiring months’ of arrangements, countless emails, reams and reams of documents and paperwork after spending hours on the phone.
“And still you could very well not be successful.”

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