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Important notice Quota Work Permit replaced by Critical Skills Visa

Important notice Quota Work Permit replaced by Critical Skills Visa

The Department of Home Affairs have recently seen many changes to as many rules and regulations affecting visa applications. One such regulation affecting clients of New World Immigration is the replacement of the Quota Work Permit with the Critical Skills Visa.

Important Notice Quota Work Permit Replaced By Critical Skills Visa

This means that foreign nationals, wanting to work in the republic for an extended period of time, will no longer be able to apply for a Quota Work Permit, but will instead be expected to apply for the Critical Skills Visa.

Quota permits will remain valid until they expire at which point an application for the Critical Skills Visa must have been filed. Applications submitted before the change in regulations (26 May 2014) will still be issued and will be considered a legal document.

The New World Immigration team suggests that you contact us directly if your Quota Work Permit is about to expire so that we can guide you through the application process.

Critical Skills Visa

We can help you establish if you would qualify for a Critical Skills visa when your Quota Work Permit expires.

If your occupation is listed on the Critical Skills list you will not be required to furnish proof of a job offer.

The visa remains valid once you have found a position in one of the fields on the Critical Skills list and you may then also apply for Permanent Residency should you have more than 5 years’ experience in your field.

Visa holders are required to report to the Department of Home Affairs annually who will need to verify your employment.

Some further conditions apply and we suggest that you contact a consultant at New World Immigration who will be able to assist you with a successful application.

In our experience it is best to allow about 30 to 40 days for your visa to be processed.

According to the newly gazetted South African visa requirements is vital that you qualify to fill a post which is listed on the Critical Skills List should you wish to obtain a visa.

You will also be required to furnish appropriate proof of your qualifications for the specific position.

For more information about the Critical Skills Visa, please click the following link; Critical Skills Visa Section which will take you to the appropriate and helpful page on the New World Immigration website. Where you are also able to utilize our free tool with which you could quickly assess your visa eligibility.

By clicking through on this link you will be able to view the complete The Critical Skills list or call us directly and speak to one of our professional consultants who will be able to assist you with all your queries and guide you through the process.

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