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Indian Nationals secure your work permit now!

Indian Nationals secure your work permit now....

Indian Nationals Secure Your Work Permit Now

As an Immigration Consultant, I receive numerous calls daily from clients with situations which are sometimes sad, hilarious or weird at times. During the course of each day, I am guaranteed that I receive about 10 calls per day from Indian citizens wanting to work in South Africa. Having said this, I thought how insightful this blog would be by explaining how to succeed in immigrating to South Africa and making your dream a reality. If you know of any Indian National wanting to immigrate to SA, please share this article with them to steer them in the right direction.

If you are thinking about immigrating to South Africa for financial reasons or stability then you need to plan well in advance in order to achieve this goal and make it possible. Now the type of planning I’m referring to is working your way forward in terms of finding a job offer. I am going to be blunt by stating the following; if you have no qualifications i.e. Diploma, bachelor’s degree, master etc then save yourself the hassle of trying to immigrate as your chances would be slim to none. So let’s assume you have the following qualifications and have experience in your line of profession, so where do I start?

The first step you need to take is securing interviews via Skype, Email or Telephonically. To effectively do this you would need to search online for work opportunities in South Africa like or and find your appropriate profession. If you have managed to secure an interview with a prospective employer via Skype or Email then in your best efforts try and sell yourself by explain projects you have completed, experiences and a list of valid references. If you feel the need to be hands on, then Plan B would be your best bet to see a prospective employer face to face. So you would need to apply for a visit visa, which will take about 10-15 working days depending on the amount of applications received at your embassy. Once your visa is approved and your well on your way to South Africa, prepare strategic plans to secure a job offer in South Africa, sell yourself and make it your mission to secure a job offer.

Once you have secured work in South Africa, you would need to return to India and apply for the correct work permit and then enter into South Africa with your temporary residence permit. Applying for a work permit would generally take about 2-3 months, so mention this in your interview to your prospective employer to meet their expectation. Depending on the type of work permit, you would need to complete your SAQA, Salary Bench Mark and Advert and this normally takes about 1 month to complete. Once this process has been completed then only may you submit your application. If you are married and have a family then you would have the option to add your wife as an accompanying dependant and if your kids are too young to attend school then may you add them as an accompanying dependant. If they are attending school, then you would need first to enrol in a school of your choice and apply for a student visa.

So let’s take a look at the following kinds of temporary residence work permits;

General Work Permit – 3-4 months processing permits (IT, Directors, Teachers, Doctors etc)

Quota Permit – 2-3 months processing (Mechanical Eng, Welders, Economist etc)

Intra-company permit – 2-3 months processing (If you are working for a multi-national company who has offices in South Africa and you have been transferred to work at your companies South African branch, then only may you apply for this temporary work permit)

Exceptional Skills Permit – 2-3 months processing (This would generally apply to accountants and any other profession which is considered to be a rare skill in South Africa)

When applying for any work permit, these embassies require you to pay a repatriation fee which is a safety deposit that is often equivalent to a return air ticket but your company can draft you a letter of undertaking for the repatriation fee and therefore you would avoid paying this hefty deposits to the embassy.

If you would like New World Immigration to facilitate this process for you while you plan your BIG MOVE to South Africa then don’t hesitate to give our friendly consultants a call and they will make sure we get your visa approved.


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