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Interesting facts you need to know about South African Work Visas

Interesting facts you need to know about South African Work Visas.

Interesting Facts You Need To Know About South African Work Visas

1. No job offer is needed to apply for a Critical Skills Visa. The Critical Skills Visa allows you 12 months to secure employment in South Africa. (View Critical Skills Occupation List)

2. PhD students who obtain their qualification in South Africa will qualify to apply for the Critical Skills Visa.

3. You can apply simultaneously for Permanent Residency and a Critical Skills Visa if you can prove more than 5 years relevant work experience.

4. The General Work Visa now requires you to first obtain a Department of Labour recommendation letter before submitting your application.

5. Holders of a Life Partner or Spousal Visa can either apply for work, study or business endorsement instead of applying for a work visa, study or business visa.

6. Students may add working rights to their Study Visa, to complete practical training in order to graduate.

7. Most South African Work Visas requires applicants to assess their foreign qualifications to see whether they are on par with South African standards. The assessment holds no expiry date.

8. Holders of a Corporate Visa under the new regulations will not be permitted to change their status in South Africa or renew their visa.

9. The Quota Permit and Exceptional Skills Visa have been replaced by the Critical Skills Visa. Applications for a Quota or Exceptional Skills Permit will be not be accepted by South Africa Embassies or Department of Home Affairs.

10. All first time applications must be lodged abroad as the Department of Home Affairs will not accept first time applications.

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