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Life in South Africa

Life in South Africa

Get Ready To Live In South Africa

Immigrating to South Africa is a BIG STEP and something that needs to be planned well in advance. Investing time in research about South Africa in the long run will definitely pay off for you and your family. The following steps will prepare you and your family in building your new lives in South Africa.

Enter South Africa with the correct temporary visas

In order to enter the Republic of South Africa, you need to obtain the correct temporary long stay visa and this process is completed by applying for the temporary long stay visa at the responsible South African Embassy or consulate. Applicants are not permitted to apply for a change of status in South Africa if they are using a tourist or medical visa. (So you may not apply for any type of temporary visa if you are currently using a tourist or medical visa and therefore need to apply in your country of origin)

South African Temporary Visas

South Africa’s Travellers Custom Guide

Whether you arrive in South Africa by air, sea or land, you have to pass through customs control, where you may be questioned and your baggage may be scanned or searched for dutiable, restricted or prohibited goods.

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Securing Employment in South Africa

Securing employment in South Africa may be way different to the norm in your home country. Applicants face great challenges in securing employment in South Africa as most prospective employers often require you to first obtain a work visa before employing you. New World immigration advises that you educate your prospective employer about the process and mention that you are currently liaising with your preferred immigration company. In order to successfully secure a work visa in South Africa, the Department of Home Affairs requires all applicants to get their qualifications assessed.

Cost of Living in South Africa

The following link contains the average cost of living in South Africa which can assist you in financially preparing for your desired lifestyle.

Choosing a City

South Africa has nine provinces and each province has its own climate, distinctive landscape, population and economy.
The nine provinces of South Africa -

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