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Make use of a professional immigration consultant advises lawyers

After the South African Department of Home Affairs announced the country’s tight new immigration regulations many foreign citizens living in South Africa or with family in South Africa have faced numerous immigration related issues, causing havoc in their personal lives.

Make Use Of A Professional Immigration Consultant Advices Lawyers

New World Immigration has reported on a number of these cases and the latest involves British national Emma Thelwell who had been separated from her South African husband for more than 9 months while she waited for her South African Spousal Visa to be processed.

Thelwell ran the risk of being declared an undesirable person, as the new laws state the case would be should any foreigner overstay the conditions of their South African visas, and had to return to her home country of Britain while her husband remained in South Africa.

After a tumultuous battle with the Department of Home Affairs, who reportedly misplaced her spousal visa application, Thelwell was granted a two-year temporary residency visa. But Thelwell said she had to resort to obtaining legal assistance to get this far. Something her lawyer said could have been avoided had she consulted a professional immigration service from the word ‘go’.

Thelwell’s lawyer, Nora Dawud, said following five crucial steps could significantly ease immigration and visa related trauma, “We have seen applications put together by applicants themselves and more often than not, most of the documents are missing or are not presented in the correct manner.”

“One may call the department of home affairs call centre, however they can only inform you as to whether it has arrived in Pretoria, and when it is finalised,” she explains.

However an immigration professional or lawyer will be able to access information beyond the call centre.

The visa application process is not as easy as one might think said Dawud, “It takes complete dedication and commitment to see it through from start to finish.”

Four steps to make sure you avoid visa application disappointment:

Speak to a professional immigration consultancy who will discuss your visa needs.
Speak to friends or do research to help you find a reputable consultancy. Ask them about their success rate and letters of recommendation they might have received from satisfied customers.

Make sure you know which visa you qualify for and what the conditions of what that visa entails.

Give your consultant as much information and evidence as you can to support your visa application.

Start collecting your documents

Make sure that all your documents are up to date and immediately available to hand it to your consultant. This will include a copies of documents such as your degree, academic transcript, police clearance as well as medical and radiological reports. Make sure that your documents are translated to English by the original issuer.

Wait for feedback

Instead of frustrating yourself by trying to follow up with home affairs yourself, leave the hassle to your immigration consultant. They will be able to give you feedback much sooner than you will ever manage to get out of the department.

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