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Metallurgical Engineering Technologist featured on Critical Skills

Metallurgical engineering technologists and metallurgical engineers have been identified as critical skills in South Africa, which means highly qualified metallurgical engineering technologist may apply for a critical skills visa.

Metallurgical Engineering Technologist Featured On Critical Skills

Occupations classified as critical skills for South Africa is in high demand and in return the Department of Home Affairs is issuing critical skills visas to qualified applicants. The critical skills allow applicants then to search for employment opportunities for duration of 12 months.

If you’re a qualified Metallurgical Engineer Technologist then South Africa needs you. The following requirements must be met to qualify for the critical skills:

- Register with a professional accredited body in South Africa
- Assess all foreign qualifications in South Africa
- Occupation featured on critical skills list (View List)

Metallurgical Engineer Technologist must have at least 3-5 years experience in the following tasks:

- Performing laboratory studies of steps in manufacture of new products and testing proposed process in small scale operation such as a pilot plant.
- Determining the location and planning the extraction of coal, metallic ores, non-metallic minerals, and building materials, such as stone and gravel.
- Determining most suitable methods of efficient mining and extraction, types of machinery to be used, planning layout and directing construction of shafts and tunnels.
- Determining drilling site and devising methods of controlling the flow of water, oil or gas from wells.
- Planning and directing storage, initial treatment and transportation of water, oil or gas.
- Establishing safety standards and procedures and first-aid facilities, especially underground.
- Conducting research, developing methods of extracting metals from their ores and advising on their application.
- Investigating properties of metals and alloys, developing new alloys and advising on and supervising technical aspects of metal and alloy manufacture and processing.
- Maintaining technical liaison and consultancy with other relevant specialists such as geologists and geophysicists.
- Examining deposits or mines to evaluate profitability.

Successful applicants will be issued with a 5 years critical skills visa, which is a multiple entry into South Africa. Any applicant with more than 5 years experience may apply for permanent residency simultaneously with his/her critical skills.

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