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Mining Engineers - Critical Skills Visa South Africa

If you’re a highly qualified mining engineer then you stand a good chance of being eligible for a critical skills visa which allows you to immigrate to South Africa without the requirement of having a job offer.

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The critical skills visa entitles applicants to:

- Seek employment in South Africa for a period of 12 months (No job offer needed)

- Live and work in South Africa for a period of 5 years

- Option to add a dependent spouse and children

- A route to permanent residency

- No ties to a specific employer

- No Department of Labour recommendation letter needed

Mining engineers must prove at least 3 years experience in the following duties:

- Performing laboratory studies of steps in manufacture of new products and testing proposed process in small scale operation such as a pilot plant.

- Determining the location and planning the extraction of coal, metallic ores, non-metallic minerals, and building materials, such as stone and gravel.

- Determining most suitable methods of efficient mining and extraction, types of machinery to be used, planning layout and directing construction of shafts and tunnels.

- Determining drilling site and devising methods of controlling the flow of water, oil or gas from wells.

- Planning and directing storage, initial treatment and transportation of water, oil or gas.

- Establishing safety standards and procedures and first-aid facilities, especially underground.

- Conducting research, developing methods of extracting metals from their ores and advising on their application.

- Investigating properties of metals and alloys, developing new alloys and advising on and supervising technical aspects of metal and alloy manufacture and processing.

- Maintaining technical liaison and consultancy with other relevant specialists such as geologists and geophysicists.

Critical skills qualifying criteria:

- Excellent health status

- No criminal records

- Register with a professional body in South Africa as a mining engineer

- Assess all foreign qualifications in South Africa

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Applying for permanent residency:

Mining engineers who are able to prove 5 years work experience may apply for permanent residency in South Africa immediately.

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