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Move to South Africa, Be with your Loved One

In a long-distance relationship, and longing to be with your loved one in South Africa? If you’re in a solid relationship with a South African citizen or permanent resident, why not apply for the Life Partner Visa and move to the warm shores of South Africa?


If you don’t know where to start, I can help. Maybe you think the process is complicated, maybe you keep thinking you’ll do it when you have some ’time’, or maybe you just don’t know the benefits and how it works - but let’s go back to basics and understand why you should just go for it. I did, and it’s worth it.

So assuming you can’t take 1 more day apart from your other half, here’s the low-down:

1)      You get to live in the same country, and compared to countries like the UK or Australia, the criteria isn’t tough – great start!

2)      The Life Partner Visa is valid for 2-3 years and is renewal – bonus!

3)      Once you secure a job, you don’t need to apply for a General Work Permit (that ties you to a company). You instead get Working Rights attached to your Life Partner Visa, which gives you more flexibility, because your rights to live here are linked to your Life Partner Visa - So if you’re not loving the job, you can always change – nice!

4)      You can also open a business if you want and won’t have to show millions in your account because you’ll already be seen as a temporary resident adding to the economy.

5)      O yes, on that note - temporary residency opens doors for you, and after 5 years of living together you can apply for Permanent Residency – probably the best part!

6)      If you choose not to work, and prefer to pursue your hobbies (e.g. enjoying the great outdoors or relaxing at home), the authorities won’t judge – you have a right to be a lady (or man) of leisure!

7)      Lastly, no stress and anxiety - because you’re no longer living oceans apart – this one’s obvious.

So if you haven’t applied yet, and you’re complaining through the lonely nights, rather put your plan in action and get started, it’s the least you can do for each other if you plan a future together!

Still unsure if you qualify, or need help applying for the visa? Contact me on (+27) 21 555 0951, or email

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