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New Immigration Regulations Proposed Critical Skills Occupation List

New Immigration Regulations – Proposed Critical Skills Occupation List

New Immigration Regulations – Proposed Critical Skills Occupation List

The Department of Home Affairs is yet to implement the new immigration legislation/rules which would see the Quota and Exceptional Skills Permit cease to exist in the near future. The Department of Home Affairs has remained silent and is yet to reveal the Critical Skills Occupations to the public.

At this stage we can merely estimate as to what occupations would be added to the Critical Skills Occupation List, until the Department of Home Affairs publically announces it. The Department of Higher Education annually compiles a national scarce skills list for South Africa, which the Department of Home Affairs uses as a reference to compile their own Critical Skills Occupation List.

The Department of Home Affairs has not specified the criteria for the Critical Skills Visa and whether foreigners would need to first secure a job offer before applying for the Critical Skills Permit or visa.

Below is the National Scare Skills List for South Africa;

Electrical Engineer
Civil Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Quantity Surveyor
Programme or Project Manager
Finance Manager
Physical and Engineering Science Technicians
Industrial and Production Engineers
Chemical Engineer
Construction Project Manager
Mining Engineer
Accountant (General)
Energy Engineer
Materials Engineer
Electronics Engineer
Metallurgical Engineer
Medical Superintendent / Public Health
Telecommunications Engineers
Energy Engineering Technologist
Public Health Physician
Nursing Professionals
Registered Nurse (child and family health)
General Medical Practitioner
Industrial Pharmacist
ICT Systems Analyst
Hospital Pharmacist
Boiler Maker
Fitter and Turner
Carpenter and Joiner
Environmental Engineers
Retail Pharmacist
Manufacturing Managers
SHEQ Practitioner
Vocational or Further Education
Natural Science Teacher (Grade 10-12)
Plumber (General)
Automotive Motor Mechanic
Agricultural Engineer
Foundational Phase School Teacher
Mechanical Engineering Technologist
Software Developers
Electrical Engineering Technologist
Land Surveyor
Diesel Mechanic
Electronic Instrument Trades Worker
Sales and Marketing Manager
Mathematics Teacher (Primary)
Metal Fabricator
Industrial Machinery Mechanic
Agricultural Scientist
Retail Buyer
Air Conditioning and Mechanical
Services Plumber
Automotive Electrician
Supply and Distribution Manager
Civil Engineering Technologist
Materials Engineering Technologist
Electrical Installation Inspector
ICT Project Manager
Mining Engineering Technologist
Metallurgical Engineering
Electronics Engineering Technologist
Computer Network and Systems
Mechatronics Technician
Research and Development Manager
Chemical Engineering Technologist
Mathematics Teacher (Grades 10 to 12)
Pressure Welder
Retail Manager (General)
Earthmoving and Related Plant
Computer Network Technician
Personnel / Human Resource Manager
Environmental Manager
Production/Operations Manager
Urban and Regional Planner
Network Analyst
Industrial Designer
Local Authority Manager
Financial Investment Advisor
Health and Safety Manager
Water Quality Analyst
Chief Information Officer
Occupational Instructor / Trainer
Corporate General Manager
External Auditor
Ship's Engineer
Forestry Technician
Retail Manager (General)
Quality Systems Manager
Medical Scientist

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