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Opening a Bank Account on a Life Partner Visa

Convenience, security and protection are important reasons NOT to keep your cash under the mattress.

If you plan to find work in South Africa it is crucial to set up a bank accounts to that you can start receiving your pay. Using another person’s bank account is not an option, even if it is a family member’s account. The account holders name MUST match up with the name of the person who is receiving the money. Therefore, a person who is going to be receiving direct deposits will have to have a bank account of their own.

We have all been asked by our Life Partner clients how to open a bank account. At the moment, most banks don’t allow Life Partners with Working Rights to open accounts because the permit that gets issued is a VISITORS permit with conditional rights to conduct work. Banks aren’t savvy with Immigration Law so they turn these clients away.



We have now spoken to our bank in Table View, ABSA and they have agreed to help us.

We will give our clients the name and number of the person to speak to at Absa and will be helped immediately.

The client must provide the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Proof of home address
  • Payslip  - if they require a cheques account (not required for a savings account)

Call us on (021) 5550951 and we will assist with your life partner visa and help you open a bank account.

by Robbie Ragless

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