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Plan your next holiday immediately after returning from your last

It is also the best time to pack your bags and travel says global travel search site Wego. Not only do your score some R and R days, studies have found that planning your next holiday immediately after returning from your last actually helps to ease the post-bucket-and-spade blues.

Plan Your Next Holiday Immediately After Returning From Your Last

"We did a study of travellers and found that the majority of you began planning your next holiday, within a couple of weeks of returning from one. Psychological research confirming the existence of post-holiday blues were somewhat eased by planning and looking forward to your next trip," said Wego public relations director Anita Duffin, speaking to Business Day Live.

"Add one or two days’ annual leave and connect them to either the following or previous weekend, and you’ve got a nice chunky opportunity to take a mini-holiday."

With 12 official public holidays, South Africans are up there with counterparts in the US and UK and way ahead of China, with four. According to the article in Business Day Live countries such as Thailand celebrates numerous royal and Buddhist holidays meaning between 16 or 17 days a year for them to sleep in.

April is traditionally South Africa’s most looked forward to month of public holidays. It is the perfect break, four months after the Christmas break. People are tired and credit cards have recovered from Christmas spending. All the public holidays in the month means you could have a mini break while spending only a day or two of your leave. Making it the perfect time to travel!

The Travel Channel lists South Africa, the Mediterranean and most of Europe as some of the best places to visit in April and now is the time to obtain your Visitor’s or Tourist visa!
Speak to one of New World Immigrations visa specialist and we will take the paperwork out of your visa application while you focus on planning the holiday of a life time!

for public holidays, with Easter Friday (April 3) and Family Day (April 6) followed by Freedom Day (April 27 — a Monday this year). Then follows Workers Day, May 1 (a Friday), which makes it very tempting to opt for a short week away from office politics, despite the concentration of holidays creating production chaos in factories, construction and service industries.

For business travellers it is essential to check public holiday dates in their destination countries, otherwise they could find themselves cooling their heels alone in their hotel rooms as the host country closes for business.

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