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Professionals are showing increased interest in South Africa

Africa’s most developed nation did however beat countries like the US, France, Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the UK in the rankings taking a very impressive 6th place after the power-house top five of Canada, Australia, Thailand, Singapore and Bahrain.

Professionals Are Showing Increased Interest In South Africa

The survey found that 0.26% more professionals arrived in South Africa than left between January and December 2014, a rise of 0.5% from the previous survey of the period from November 2012 to November 2013. Part of the reason could be South African’s friendliness and liveability!

In addition to making the top 10 overall, South Africa scored highly in the categories of making local friends (2), organising schools (3), finding somewhere to live (3), social life (3), quality of life (3), and accommodation (4).
The same survey also revealed that countries like the US, the UK and China had experienced more expat departures than arrivals.

Based on the skills listed by these expats it is also the sought after science, technology, engineering and maths professionals dominating the migration figures with foreign language translation, business consulting and life science professionals also making international moves.

Nationality and visa status are not fields included in LinkedIn profiles, so no inferences on the citizenship of members included in research could be made. But the research does determine geographic movements of members during 2014. Analysing new positions added to profiles, which include location, filters out domestic movement. The analysis includes members who had used the site regularly for more than a year, and excluded members who signed up during the research period.

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