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Scarce Skills Work Permit

The best jobs in South Africa, and you qualify for a Scarce Skills Work Permit

Scarce Skills Work Permit

Moreover, the industry faces a severe skills shortage. To address this shortage the South African Department of Home Affairs compiled and published a list of occupations seen as essential for the country’s future growth. The Scarce Skills Work Permit was designed specifically to address these needs. Studies to consider for those wishing to enter this field include computer sciences, while computer-literacy, as well as data input or call centre training, will also provide an entry point.

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Burmeister identified a need for engineers too. This industry is receiving a massive boost, thanks to the R850 billion government has committed to infrastructure spend. “Engineering and technology will be important disciplines for many years to come,” she says.

Kay Vittee, CEO of Quest Staffing Solutions, agrees. “The engineering sector is growing aggressively, particularly in the mechanical and chemical fields – the former because of the rise of biofuels and the latter because of the rise of mechanisation across industries, as well as the growth of our automotive sector, following commitments by Mercedes-Benz. Demand for civil engineers and architectural disciplines is on hold at present, although we may see a resurgence in five to 10 years, when more government projects are planned,” she says.

In the meantime, spurred by government’s aim of obtaining 30% of our energy from alternative energy sources, Burmeister reveals that demand for skills in the “green technologies” space is on the up. With this sector spanning IT and electrical engineering, qualifications that will stand graduates in good stead include diplomas or degrees in IT, electrical engineering or electronics. With a foundation qualification in place, it’s also a good idea to specialise in alternative energy.

Project management and construction site management are other jobs on Burmeister’s list; another reason why engineering is an intelligent choice when it comes to studies. Other options include Project Management Courses from the Project Management Institute or the Engineering Council of SA. “Site managers will be needed to oversee the building of projects already underway and in the pipeline. Usually, these are qualified artisans or graduates with diplomas in building management from a university of technology,” she explains.

The finance industry continues to boom. Indeed, according to Broberg, it’s one of the five biggest contributors to SA’s gross domestic product (the others are the public sector, wholesale, manufacturing and mining, so it stands to reason that there are more jobs on offer in these sectors than any others).

Yet, while Burmeister says there continues to be a shortage of financial professionals, she advises that risk management is another hot industry, particularly as increasingly volatile international markets make it imperative for companies to strengthen risk management capabilities. Qualifications that offer entry into these sectors include accounting, auditing or even IT.

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