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Section 11(2) Short Term Work Visa 2014-2015

Section 11(2) Short Term Work Visa 2014-2015

Section 11 2 Short Term Work Visa 2014 2015

Applying for a Section 11(2) Permit for South Africa

The Section 11(2) Permit or Short Term Work Visa, as it’s commonly known as, was introduced to cater for individuals wanting to enter South Africa on short notice and conduct work under the visitor visa category. The applicant must demonstrate through a motivational letter that he or she is indeed needed in South Africa.

Over the last 2 years, NWI has processed over 2000 of these permits for large corporates, production companies, modelling agencies and more. The validity period for this short term work permit is between 30 and 90 days, depending on what you request.

The processing time for the Section 11(2) visa through NWI is between 1 and 10 days depending on the workload at the South African Embassy abroad.

Can my family come with me?

Yes, however they would need to qualify for their own visas in their own right. However, motivation to join you should be sufficient in getting their particular South African Visas approved. If they are from countries that are visa exempt, they can just enter through the immigration post.

New Information relating to Section 11(2)'s

What is a Section 11 (2) Authorisation to conduct Work?

  • The Section 11 (2) approval letter is a once off non-renewable permit allowing one to work in South Africa.
  • The Section 11 (2) permit cannot be changed into another type of permit in South Africa.
  • The organisation or company bringing over the applicant to work must be a legitimate, registered entity.
  • The application must be accompanied by comprehensive explanation as to why the worker is needed to conduct short term work.

The Professions below will not be allowed to apply for a Section 11(2) permit:

  • Self-employed persons
  • Contract workers
  • Exotic dancers
  • Project management workers
  • Casual labourers
  • Seasonal labours
  • Work-seeking persons

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