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Shedding his Load - By Sean Kupferberg

So the story in South Africa is as follows..

We are experiencing Load shedding which is causing us not being able to use Computers or Phones, causing Billions of Rands being lost. Communication is down in half the areas in South Africa and as well as running water.

Strikes keep happening left right and centre which brings down our GDP and inflation to sky rocket into the atmosphere.

South Africa has been seen as a multicultural Country which each person’s views and thoughts are taken into consideration however that doesnt help when theres just over 50 million people that stay in South Africa and all have a different View especially, politically.

A developing country by Definition is a less developed country also known as “LDC”, however trying to develop a country this will include successful companies and Farms in order for us to produce products and services. In the 21st century everything is about the internet and electricity in order for you to get ANYWHERE or do ANYTHING. South Africa has this amazing term of Load Shedding happening which is great if you were living in a cave but companies, farms schools and homes are being affected by this causing alot of damage in every Sector.

Moving to a developed Country, all sectors are available and successfully set up in order for you to continue with your Job and go home knowing that you’re not going back again tomorrow with a Board in your hand screaming for more money! South Africa has strikes in literally every sector. Even the guys that beg for money on the streets, went on strike just so that the government could support them through Christmas. Having our Largest Sector Strike causes a bit of a larger problem because it would be the most profitable resource that is exported. When a sector like this stikes, it stops alot of Money flowing in which causes inflation. Having an increase you should know that you will pay more for living. Having an extra digit on your salary is Fantastic however you’re going to be paying alot more for rent and food etc. So in Short, you staying in the same position.

People keep moving to other towns or provinces in South Africa, hoping to get away from all the nonsense that is going on but it’s as if it is tied to you and will follow you where ever you happen to go like dog chasing you with a Bone. What is the solution to this? Let me explain why this is my answer.

The main reason for people that live in south Africa, is the landscape and climate. This is what makes this country so attractive but a Women is no longer attractive if she has a disgusting attitude and one nasty smell that trails her every move. The public transport is something that has been a problem for a very long time and if you were travelling in your own car, the pot holes are big enough for your whole car to submerge under water. So what do you so? Let me explain some more before we get there..

Having a population of just over 23 Million with a unemployment rate of 6% against more than 50 Million people with an unemployment rate of 25.2%.

South Africa is very proud to announce that they have the highest Matric pass rate of 78.2%!!! WOW, that very impressive. “the highest pass rate in 20 years.”   ... but to pass matric you would need to have a staggering 38% to pass. let’s say you stayed in south Africa for the next 20 years and you come across someone in the class of 2013. This person would not know 60 % of what you are talking about!!

Being in the immigration sector, if we were to get each applicant on board with us by not properly Qualifying them, we would get 100% success rate but that leaves us with more than 50% of the people that don’t even Qualify. Somewhere down the line that would leave us in a bit of a problem and lot of angry yet unqualified people.

Australia is the answer and the yellow brick to a successful life for you and your family. With receiving free government schooling, which is seen to be on the same standards of private schools over here.

Having permanent Residency you will also receive free government Health care and you won’t receive a Vitamin C pill if you had a serious illness.

New world Immigration deals with many cases on a daily basis of people wanting to move and it’s a dream for south Africans to keep enjoying our Landscape and environment and Australia has that with a successful government and work Force making them one of the largest capitalist economies in the world with a GDP of US$1.57 Trillion!! Compared to 390.0 Billion.. Shame..

At NWI, we are here to give you the opportunity to experience a life of Joy and excitement to immigrate to Australia and to know that your Family will get taken care of whether in their career, Schooling or in the unfortunate case of being hospitalised. On a positive note, be the one to decide that your Family needs more and you need to get up that ladder of success. Let Australia Deliver that package.

We Look forward to hearing from you soon!

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