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Small towns in South Africa worth visiting

Four Small towns in South Africa worth visiting

Are you immigrating to South Africa, but do not want to live in a busy town? Are you looking for somewhere that is calm and relaxed every day of the year? There are some really lovely little towns scattered throughout SA. Here are few to get you going.


Sutherland is famous for super cold weather in winter and brilliant night skies. This little town is located 350km outside of Cape Town, in the Karoo. It attracts many people who are looking for peace and quiet.

Take a tour at the local observatory for as little as R20.00 per person, pop into one of the many quaint restaurant or coffee shops for some lunch with friends or just take a leisurely walk through the town.


Barrydale can be found just 62km outside of Cape Town. A visit to the Barrydale cellars is a must for those who enjoy tasting interesting drinks and “harde hout” is the secret to the unique wines and spirits that are made here.

Looking for the best milkshake in town? Go down to the Barrydale Waterfront and head over to Blue Cow – the home of delicious cakes and milkshakes. This little town has a lot to offer visitors and locals as well.


Richmond is located in between Johannesburg and Cape Town. It has been there since 1843 and has been developed dramatically over the years. It was established to meet the religious needs of the farming community at the time.

Richmond’s claim to fame is the fact that there are a very large amount of book stores in the town. Collectors will more than likely those find rare books that they have been searching for years here. This little town hosts a number of literary events throughout the year. There are beautifull old buildings here as well as some very unique little antique dealers.

Port Edward

The guys from Gauteng love visiting KZN in the summer months, where you can pitch a tent or park your caravan for the weekend with your family. If you are looking for somewhere more relaxing, you must find your way to Port Edward. Port Edward is a paradise, especially for those who love water sports.

Whether you are planning on retiring in South Africa or coming here to work, study or any other reason, having a relaxing place to call home is always good for the soul. These are only four options available to you. The immigration experts at New World Immigration can supply you with many more fabulous places to move to or just visit.

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