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South Africa is attracting top notch professionals with the Critical Skills Work Visa

The South African government have also identified that in order to grow the country, on several levels, it is necessary to seek and employ professionals who will fill gaps in the labour force thereby creating jobs and providing experience mentors in a number of industries.

South Africa Is Attracting Top Notch Professionals With The Critical Skills Work Visa

In 2015 research found that migrants greatly stimulated both the international and local workforce and through their employment in growing industries have secured jobs for as many as 2.65 other people.

The Critical Skills Work Visa will enable the Department and the government to achieve the objectives of programmes such as National Development Plan(NDP), Industrial Policy Action Plan(IPAP) and New Growth Plan(NGP). The Department of Home Affairs has amended the Immigration legislation that came with various changes, which led to the introduction of Critical Skills Work Visa (CSWV).

“The latter was issued in line with the Quota List of 2009, which had skills categories, requirements, and the quota of skills targeted in the Republic of South Africa. The Critical Skills work visa is issued in accordance with the critical skills list. The list was developed in conjunction with the occupations in high demand and the scarce skills lists of the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). The main objective of the critical skills work visa is to assist the government to realise the achievement of the National Infrastructure Project, the Strategic Infrastructure Projects and Key National Strategic Projects in support of the Department of Trade and Industry,” reads the statement.

What are the requirements for a Critical Skills Work Visa?

There are a number of documents required when applying for this visa and it is vital to seek professional assistance from a registered immigration practitioner to ensure the best possible result.

• A passport valid for no less than 30 calendar days after expiry of the intended visit
• A medical report not older than 6 months
• A radiological report not older than 6 months
• Police clearance certificates are required and must be issued by the police or security authority in each country where the relevant applicant resided for 12 months or longer after attaining the age of 18 years
• Applicants are also required to supply a yellow fever vaccination certificate if that person travelled or intends travelling from or transiting through a yellow fever endemic area
• Providing a formal written undertaking by the migrant’s employer accepting responsibility for the costs related to the deportation of the applicant and his or her dependent family members, should it become necessary is absolutely essential and the employer will also provide;
• A written undertaking to ensure that the passport of his or her employee is valid at all times for the duration of his or her employment

“The most important aspect of the application is proving that the applicant falls within the critical skills category by specifically indicating the occupation/critical skill for which the application is being made. The occupation/critical skill must be on the critical skills list,” comments Robbie Ragless of leading immigration agency New World Immigration – experienced in assisting applicants with the successful application of their Critical Skills Work Visa.

“It is never simple applying for a visa – to any country – but in a country where jobs are scarce you will have success if you follow the correct path and have professional backing.”


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