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South African Work Visa Guide for Employers & Human Resource Departments 2014-2015

South African Work Visa Guide for Employers & Human Resource Departments 2014-2015

South African Work Visa Guide For Employers Human Resource Departments 2014 2015

Applying for any visa can be a rather traumatic experience, especially if you are trying to do it by yourself. The seemingly endless documentation that you are required to obtain and the not so efficient service can leave you drained. This is one of the main reasons why you should seek the help of an Immigration Agent. Immigration companies are there to take away the stress that normally comes with the application processes.

Please note that this blog only serves as a rough guide. DHA may implement changes at any given time without notice and therefore it is of utmost importance to make use of the service of a professional immigration company when trying to secure a work visa for foreign national employees. First time applicants may not apply for any temporary residency visa in South Africa and therefore needs to lodge their application abroad in their country of residence.

Processing Times for South African Work Visas:

Renewal Application Submitted in South Africa: 30-40 working days

Application Lodged Abroad: 30-40 working days

Government Fees for South African Work Visas:

DHA Processing Fee: R 1,520.00 (Application Submitted in SA)

Biometric Fee: R 1,350.00 (Application lodged in South Africa)

Processing Fee Abroad: Dependent on Currency

Types of South African Work Visas:

• Section 11(2) Short Term Work Visa

The section 11(2) short term work visa was introduced to cater for individuals wanting to enter South Africa to conduct work for a short period of time. The applicant must provide a motivational letter that he or she is needed in South Africa. The validity of the section 11(2) visa is between 30 or 90 days, dependent on your request. No extensions are allowed and the initial application must be submitted abroad at the responsible South African Embassy. See requirements for Section 11(2) short term work visa.

• Critical Skills Visa

The Critical Skills Visa has recently been introduced and has replaced the Quota and Exceptional Skills Permit. The purpose of the Critical Skills Visa is solely to attract skills that are not easily found in South Africa and therefore welcoming any foreigner who possess the qualifications and Skills. The applicant requires no job offer to apply for this visa and will be entitled to a 12 month period to secure employment. The applicant may apply for permanent residency if he/she can prove more than 5 years of work experience and no experience is needed to apply for this visa. The validity of this visa is issued up to a maximum of 5 years. View List of Critical Skills needed in South Africa.

Any applicant applying for the Critical Skills Visa needs to meet the following criteria;

I. Occupation on Critical Skills List

II. Register with a professional council body specific to their occupation

III. Qualification assessed by SAQA

• General Work Visa:

Applicants who do not qualify for the Critical Skills Visa will have to apply for the General Work Visa. The General Work Visa route is rather a lengthy and complex process to complete. This visa is issued for a maximum of 5 years and entitles the applicant to apply for permanent residency once he/she has completed 5 years on the General Work Visa. The General Work Visa requires a job offer at the time of applying for this visa.

Any applicant applying for the General Work Visa needs to meet the following criteria;

I. Certificate from the Department of Labour stating that the prospective employer has exhausted all attempts to find a local South African Citizen or Permanent Resident.

II. The applicant must demonstrate that he/she possess the skills and qualifications for the specified job advertised.

III. Advert placed in the local newspaper as per DHA requirements.

IV. Qualifications Assessed by SAQA

Employers Responsibilities:

I. Contract of employment

II. Provide Proof of Business Registration

III. Notify DHA if applicant has been promoted or if employee does not adhere to the General Work Visa conditions.

• Intra-Company Visa

The Intra-Company Visa caters to multi-national companies who are seeking to transfer staff members from a branch abroad to a South African Branch, subsidiary or affiliated business. This visa is valid for a period of 4 years and is not extendable.

Any applicant applying for the Intra-Company Visa needs to meet the following criteria:

I. Been employed at least 6 months within the foreign branch abroad.

II. Contract of Employment abroad

Employers Responsibility in South Africa:

I. Contract of Employment

II. Confirmation that the applicant is being transferred to the South African Branch

III. Make certain that foreign skill is transferred to a local South African or Permanent Resident.

• Corporate Work Visa:

A Corporate Work Visa is issued to applicants who have secured employment for a limited period of time. It is important to note that a Corporate Work Visa is only issued if the prospective company is in possession of a valid Corporate Entity Visa and will only be issued to entities that are not listed as “undesirable businesses”. View list of “undesirable businesses”. DHA may request applicant to provide SAQA certificate or registration with professional council specific to their occupation. Applicants will no longer be permitted to apply for a change of status or renew their corporate visa.

Employers Responsibility in South Africa:

I. Ensure that applicant’s passport remains valid at all times

II. Notify DHA if applicant does not comply with immigration regulations

III. Ensures that applicant departs from South Africa when contract is terminated

IV. Ensures that applicant continues to conduct work activities as position employed in

What documents should the applicant provide?

• Police Clearance Certificates from all countries in which you lived for more than 1 year

• Medical Certificate

• Radiology Certificate

• Passport

• Applicable Documentation for specific visa applying for

New World Immigration offers free assessments for everyone in order to see if you qualify for the type of visa that you are looking to apply for. Knowing whether or not you will qualify is the first step in the right direction, especially in the case of South African Work Visas. Anyone wishing to employ foreign workers needs to be 100% sure that their applications are processed in the correct manner, as there is a lot of time & risks involved with these particular work visas.

The Free Visa Eligibility Assessments from New World Immigration let you know if you meet the basic requirements to apply for a visa to South Africa. To ensure that your assessment gives you a realistic result, ensure that the information you provide is as accurate as possible. Your Assessment will be screened by a Registered Immigration Advisor

Contact New World Immigration to assist you in securing visas for foreign national employees and avoid the rejection stage now!

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