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Soweto Tour

Make Your Visit to South Africa More Interesting with a Soweto Tour

Whether you are just visiting or immigrating to South Africa, one thing that everyone wants to learn about is the unique culture that exists in each individual place. Soweto is one such place, where you will have a rare opportunity of being part of a guided tour through the area. There are more than 800 tour operators and they all are ready and willing to take you on a personal tour through Soweto.

While on the tour, you will have the chance to see the Nelson Mandela Camp and Kliptown Camp, among others. On one of these tours, you will have the opportunity of being taken through crowded and chaotic conditions, where you will learn that this is a very tight –knit community. The residents of Soweto are united in what they hope to achieve in the future.

Soweto come from the official name “South Western Townships” and is the largest black city in Africa. There are over 3.5 million residents in this township and it is home to the largest hospital in the southern hemisphere (Chris Hani Baragwanth hospital). While you are in Soweto, do not miss going around to the House of Winnie and Nelson Mandela – where they lived during the apartheid years and now serves a museum.



No township tour is complete until you have sipped on an ice cold beer down at the local Shebeen! Take a look at the menu while you are there as well and try out some authentic African food. Pap (mielie meal) and stew is always a favourite with locals and tourists! Just be sure to ask what certain dishes consist of – there are pigs heads involved with some of them.

There is a Church by the name of the Regina Mundi Catholic Church and this happens to be the place where you can see the painting ‘Madonna and Child of Soweto’ done by artist Larry Scully (1922-2002). You will also get to understand what the role of the church was during that period. When you visit a family and a shelter for street children in the area, you will get a better understanding of how the people of Soweto live. You can make a contribution if you choose to, to help the community better their lives.

These are just a few of the highlights of a Soweto tour. There are many more that will make your experience a memorable one. All in all – this will be a very enlightening and enjoyable experience that you will never forget.

By Robbie Ragless

If you have not got your passport and visa ready yet to experience Africa at its best, make contact with an immigration expert so that you can also come and experience a piece of Africa!

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