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The Department of Home Affairs outsources Immigration

The Department of Home Affairs outsources Immigration to VFS

The Department Of Home Affairs Outsources Immigration

Not too long ago, The Department of Home Affairs and VFS Global held a meeting to enlighten all Immigration practitioners about the process moving forward and how outsourcing immigration would take place.

As most of us know, The Department of Home Affairs has been seeking new ways to speed up the processing of permit applications as the 30 day time frame has not been adhered to for a number of years now. The only solution was to outsource this function to a 3rd party contractor called VFS Global and will be commonly referred to as Visa Application Centres (VAC). VFS function would be to accept applications on behalf of The Department of Home Affairs, so applicants in future will submit all applications to the Visa Application Centres. Once VFS has checked your application they will then capture applicant’s details and forward application to the Head office of Home Affairs.

VFS will not have the right to grant or refuse a visa and will not by any means be in the possession to offer any applicant advice about immigration rules/regulations. The Department of Home Affairs has confirmed that Immigration consultants/practitioners will be allowed to accompany any applicant wanting to submit an application.

  • VFS Visa Application Centres will charge a service fee
  • Incomplete applications will be accepted by VFS, but applicants will be advised that Home Affairs will decline or reject applications that are incomplete.
  • Submissions can now be tracked online or by sms.
  • Applicants have the option to either make an appointment or simply do a walk in.
  • VFS will play major role in faster turnaround times and quality of service
  • Immigration practitioners has the right to collect finalized or approved applications
  • Immigration practitioners will have the right to follow up on application on behalf of their clients
  • Renewal of permits must be done in person but Immigration practitioners would have the right to accompany you
  • VFS will accept permanent residency applications
  • A VIP option will be available to clients who are seeking faster processing times of permits.
  • Applicants will submit directly to VFS and not the Department of Home Affairs.

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