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The New Immigration Law Changes - How this will affect you

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New South African Immigration Laws: What does this mean for you?

There seems to be a lot of confusion around the New Immigration Laws coming into play this year. We have collected some of the frequently asked questions relating to each change.

Question: With this new law coming into effect what will happen to permits that were issued last year?
Answer: For applicants who have valid permits in their passports or those that are waiting for permits to be approved, the new law changes will not affect them at all.

Question: Will I be able to renew my work permit in 3 months?
Answer: Yes, any “permit” that you are on new that is able to be extended, can be extended. It might be called a “visa” with your next extension application but this is merely a word change.

Question: Can we still apply for a study permit this year?
Answer: Yes, you can make application for a study permit this year.

Question: How does the change from “permit” to “visa” affect me?
Answer: The word “Permit” will fall away and now temporary residency will categorised as “Visas”. This word change does not affect anyone in any way. It is merely a word change.

Question: I am on a visit visa now and wish to change to a work permit. Can I do so?
Answer: At the moment, yes! However in approximately 3 months this will change. One will not be allowed to Change their status from a VISITORS VISA to another type of visa. One will need to return home and make application in their home country. This is a major change and will drastically change the way the Immigration Industry has traditionally worked. Anyone reading this who is currently on a visit visa and is making plans to change to another type of visa, you must do so immediately.

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By Robbie Ragless 


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