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The process involved in the development of the National Scarce Skills List

The process involved in the development of the National Scarce Skills List

The Department of Labour prepared the National Scarce Skills List after obtaining data from SETA Sector Skills Plan. Several other government departments contributed information and resources. The Department of Home Affairs, Trade and Industry, Science and Technology and Public Enterprises were all involved. Additional data that was obtained from other government departments was used to validate the scarcities that were identified through SETA.

SETA identified scarcity using the definitions mentioned above as well as through the process of stakeholder consultation and research. They do admit that the first list is an indicative list. The Department’s adoption of a labour market demand process and signalling system lead to the List consisting of occupational titles, from which scarcity has been identified. Numbers have not yet been assigned to the scarcity except for the purpose of the WPQL (work permit quota list), which is still to be published.



The process of updating the list is currently underway by the Department, based upon the Sector Skills Plan Updates supplied by SETA. The information reflected in these mechanisms and plans has been improved upon through lessons and the experience learnt while developing the first list. The Department intends to assist SETA with the updated list in order to ensure that the process and data are reliable, updated correctly and serve their National and sectoral purposes.

The Purpose of the National Scarce Skills List

It is planned to serve several purposes:

For the Dept of Labour and the statutory skills development intermediaries - the list provides a stable set of indicators for skills development interventions.

For the Dept of Education and public training and education institutions – the list provided indicators for the development of courses and career guidance that needs to be provided to communities, learners, and schools, Universities, FET Colleges and Universities of Technology.

For the Dept of Home Affairs – this list provides the basis for establishing the Work Permit Quota List, as well as evaluating employee – sponsored people for work permits in SA.

For the government and certain national initiatives like JIPSA – the list will provide a platform for the development of mechanisms intended to evaluate and monitor the impact and success of measures used to readdress certain scarcities, as well as targeted interventions.

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