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The Rundown of Proposed Rule Changes

South African immigration laws will be changing soon

It appears that there are changes to immigration laws in the pipe line. These proposed changes are due to come into effect by the 1st of April 2014.

Changes that might come into effect for unmarried couples

The partners of SA citizens might find that they could have to move if the new five-year cohabitation requirement comes into effect.

If couples have only lived together for three years and the life partner permit of the foreign national expires, they might not be able to renew it.

There has been talk that if a foreign national does not qualify for another type of visa, they might have to leave the country. This is however unlikely to happen.

SA citizens living abroad with foreign national partners might be forced to wait out the five year period before they may return to their partners.

Visa applications to be done in person only

The most significant change would be if all applicants need to apply for visa’s in person and if they are not allowed to do so online or by other means.

Currently, applicants are allowed to submit their applications via courier or mail service, which is said to be very useful, especially in Australia.

Under the new policy, visitors from certain places will need to travel long distances in order to apply for a visa in South Africa.

Anti-fraud measures could be implemented in order to curb the chance of immigration fraud from occurring here. If this does in fact happen, it will affect people from certain countries more than others.

What is on the cards for people with exceptional skills?

Currently, designers, artists, specialist medical practitioners, chartered accountants, celebrated sports women and men do not need to have been offered employment in the country in order to apply this type of permit. This could change if the new laws are implemented.

Some proposed changes that will be welcomed


Habitual over-stayers to be blacklisted

Immigrant workers who overstay their welcome will be banned from staying in the country in the future.This is believed to alleviate some of the frustration that immigration specialists have to deal with.

Clamping down on the issue of child trafficking

There will be stricter requirements regarding children travelling without their biological parents. In the future, adults who are travelling with children will need to produce affidavits from the children’s parents proving that they do in fact have permission to travel with the children in question.


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