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Top 10 Reasons Why South Africans Are Emigrating

People will always strive to improve their current conditions. This includes leaving one’s current environment for a better one.  South Africans are no exception and this need for an improved quality of life has for nearly two decades driven a massive surge in migration.

South Africans seem to favour the political, economic and social stability of countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada and most of Europe. With the current political climate in South Africa, more and more of its citizens are preparing for the next 10 years by securing residency in these countries. Approximately 50% of applicants are applying for these visas purely as an insurance policy in the event of things becoming too unstable in South Africa. The other 50% have immediate interests in moving as soon as possible.


But what drives South African’s to give up on their country of birth and explore options for a better future as a migrant in a foreign country? Information gathered from our website indicates that “Safety and Security” is the number one reason why South Africans want to make the move. 

The Top 10 List in Order of Importance

1.            Improved safety and security
2.            Better future for children
3.            No confidence in the future of your country of origin. 
4.            Government’s affirmative action policy
5.            Deterioration in social services
6.            Decline in your quality of life
7.            Decline in living standards
8.            Higher earnings potential
9.            Prospect for professional
10.          Lower taxation rates


Over the past 6 months, New World Immigration has experienced a 50% increase in inquiries from South Africans wanting to move abroad. It seems the ongoing issues relating to state infrastructure is the main reason why people are now looking to move.  Load Shedding / Corrupt Government Officials / E-Tolls / Crime..... “its all too much” say many of our clients.

Migrants are specifically concerned about their safety in South Africa and that parents felt very unsure of their children’s safety.  Added to this more and more professionals are struggling to secure good career and income opportunities.

A bad situation is worsened by a break down in trust between citizens and the government as more and more corruption and mismanagement, such as the electricity crisis and looming water shoratges, is uncovered

Inquiries about emigration are from all race groups with varying skill ranging from dentists, teachers and accountants, to receptionists and office workers.  Almost three quarters of our inquiries come from Skilled and qualified professionals while 30% of our applicants are tradesman, specialized welders, fitters and turners, electricians and plumbers

Interestingly, more farmers are enquiring about migration too.

According to latest statistics the demographic details of their migrants and prospective migrants are as follows:

·      64% were male
·      36% were female
·      76% were married or in a common law relationship
·      24% were single
·      62% had at least one dependent child under the age of 18
·      38% had no dependent children


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