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Top 5 Tips to Get a Job Offer and SA Work Permit

Top 5 Tips to Get a Job Offer and SA Work Permit


Top 5 Tips To Get A Job Offer And SA Work Permit


If you don’t qualify for a Skilled Visa in South Africa, then you are going to have to secure employment first and then apply for the General work permit. How do I do get past the requirement for a work permit? Especially when everyone asks for my work permit first?

The General Work Permit is the permit that you would need to apply for. It is employee sponsored. It requires your position to be niche and fairly skilled. Ask yourself if the position could easily be filled by local citizens? If not, then it should qualify as the company can’t find someone locally and therefore needs to bring in a foreign worker.

It is legal to come in on a visit visa and look for work. Pending law changes may require that foreigners apply for work permits back in their home country first. This won’t affect those renewing work permits. Foreigners will have the best luck if they apply directly to companies and explain that they need a job offer first. Many companies phone our office when they have a foreign applicant and we explain the process and the timeline involved. There is an advert, Salary Bench Certificate, and SAQA certificate that must be applied for in preparation. Companies must understand that this process will involve some company info, but not too much. Companies like New World Immigration can supply the documentation and take the leg work out of these applications. What must be discussed between employer and employee is the timeline. There will be a gap from that initial offer and to when the work permit is finalized.

Here are the top five ways to secure your General Work Permit.

1. Make sure the position is niche and skilled. Does it require experience and can anyone do this work? Do you have all of your qualifications handy? Are they translated?

2. Apply directly to employers as recruitment agents don’t understand immigration law. Ask to speak directly to someone in HR. You won’t get very far if you apply on recruitment sites online as they will ask for your ID and then ask if you have a work permit.

3. Ask the potential employer to phone us so we can explain the process. We will explain the rules and put their mind at ease.

4. Make sure you follow immigration laws and apply from the proper location. Rules change often so make sure you do this legally. Contact us if not sure.

5. Understand that the work permit process will take at least a few months and make sure your employer understands this and supplies the relevant documentation quickly to avoid delays.

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