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Understanding Section 11(2) Work Permits (Visas)

For this visa to be granted the applicant will have to furnish proof that they are needed in South Africa for work or business related matters. These visas are valid for anything between 30 and 90 days but depend on what the applicant requested.

Understanding Section 11 2 Work Permits Visas

• The Section 11 (2) approval letter is a permit allowing one to work in South Africa.

• The Section 11 (2) permit cannot be changed into another type of permit in South Africa.

• The organisation or company bringing over the applicant to work must be a legitimate, registered entity.

• The application must be accompanied by comprehensive explanation as to why the worker is needed to conduct short term work.

New World Immigration have successfully processed thousands of these visas.

How long does the processing of my South African Section 11(2) visa take?

In our experience except your visa to be completely processed within 10 days of submitting your application.

We recommend that you contact one of New World Immigration consultants who will be able to advise you on exactly what you need to ensure a smooth and efficient application process.

I would like my family to join me on my business trip, is it possible?

The good news is your family can join you but they would each need their own approved visa to do so. Typically they would only need to submit motivation from you that they join you on your business trip.

Which Professions will not qualify to apply for a Section 11(2) permit?

Self-employed persons, contract workers, exotic dancers, project management workers, casual labourers, seasonal labours and persons seeking employment.

Seeking Professional help

New World Immigration helps you navigate your way through the maze of a brand new visa and immigration red-tape. Our extensive experience and vast knowledge of the processes involved with finalizing your visa application means you will have access to the latest news and legislation, the cost of your South African Work Visa and how long you can expect in terms of processing your application.

We also offer a service whereby you can quickly asses your visa eligibility. This handy tool will give you an idea of exactly what is required for a successful visa application.

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