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Visit Visa Extension not issued in time... How about applying for a Retirement Permit instead!

Visit Visa Extension not issued in time? How about applying for a Retirement Permit instead?

Visit Visa Extension Not Issued In Time How About Applying For A Retirement Permit Instead

Do you visit South Africa regularly and usually apply for a Visit Visa Extension so you can remain in the country for up to 6 months at a time? This could include foreigners visiting family members, property owners who want to stay for extended periods of time, and retired people who come to South Africa during the summer months.

We’ve heard multiple times about foreigners who applied for the Visit Visa Extension while in SA, only for it not to be issued within the time-frame of their intended 6 month stay. This is nothing new, and normally the receipt has been enough proof of the application being submitted on time and being in process.

The problem is that there have been increasing incidences over the past few months, where people are now being fined R2000 – R3000 at the border because they left the country without a valid visa and only have the receipt as proof.

One solution (if you meet the qualifying criteria) is to consider applying for the Retirement Permit.You don’t have to be retired in your country of residence, or of retirement age. You can apply at any age IF you can show a minimum income of R20,000 per month (this can include Pensions, Shares, Cash, Rental Income, or other forms of passive income).

If you can show this in your account (works well if you live in a country with a stronger currency) and you don’t intend to work in South Africa, this could be an ideal route for you to live in South Africa for extended periods of time and avoid any issues when you enter and leave.

The Retirement Permit is valid for 4 years and gives you multiple entries into South Africa. So you can stay the full 4 years if you want, or leave and enter for 6 months at a time is preferred. The bonus is you can also apply for Permanent Residency through this route.

If you are looking for a more favourable visa to fit your situation, please contact us at NWI on 021 555 0951 and we will gladly assist.

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