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Want to volunteer in South Africa? Find out how to get your visa.

Want to volunteer in South Africa? Find out how to get your visa.

Want To Volunteer In South Africa Find Out How To Get Your Visa

South Africa is a country recovering from many inequalities and large rural areas left behind by development. People in these areas need more help than there might be available in some parts of the country and therefore our non-profit organizations, charities, churches and so on are always welcoming the services of volunteers.

Volunteer work is both rewarding and challenging but it offers you the opportunity to make a change while seeing other countries.
Once you have been accepted to work with a recognized and registered organization you can apply for your Volunteer Visa.

The consultants at New World Immigration will be able to help you with your application process so that you are sure you are entering and working in the country lawfully.

It could be that if your volunteer project is for a 3-month-period (or shorter) you may not need a Volunteer Visa but in this case it is best to consult with one of our team members who will assess your case and advice you on the best visa solution.
A Volunteer Visa is a temporary residency visa and will be the best solution for you if you are not being paid for your work and plan to volunteer for the duration of your stay in South Africa. Please speak to New World Immigration to confirm which would be the most appropriate visa based on your situation.

It is worthwhile noting that a Volunteer Visa does not lead to permanent residency and you will not benefit from the South African conditions of employment.
In our experience this visa normally takes about 4 – 6 weeks to process.
Once you have your passport, which should be valid for at least 30 days after you intend on departing from the country, there will be more requirements you would be expected to meet.

New World Immigration’s consultants are trained professionals who will be able to give you the professional service required to process your visa efficiently. This will include ensuring that the required documents are duly completed and submitted correctly.

Make use of our free Visa Eligibility Assessment tool. This useful tool will give you are realistic idea of the type of visa you might qualify for.

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