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What you need to know about the Critical Skills Visa

What you need to know about the Critical Skills Visa

What You Need To Know About The Critical Skills Visa

The Department of Home Affairs has recently published the critical skills list for South Africa, which can be downloaded here>>>>>>>Critical Skills List.

Check to see whether your occupation has been listed and submit an enquiry now and our friendly consultants will call you within 24 hours.

• No experience is needed, although the professional governing body might need a certain amount of experience before registering with them.
• You are allowed to apply for a Critical Skills Visa without securing a job offer in South Africa.
• The Critical Skills will allow you a period of 12 months to secure work in South Africa.
• No need to obtain a certificate from the Department of Labour for the Critical Skills.
• Allowed to switch between employers (open ended visa)
• The validity of the Critical Skills Visa is 5 years
• You may apply for permanent residency, if you have 5 years of experience.

The Critical Skills Visa is based on your qualifications and not your experience. The visa does not require you to first secure a job then apply for the visa, but you may apply for the visa without securing a job offer. Many foreigners in South Africa know that this has been a nightmare for them. Previously the quota permit only allowed you 3 months in South Africa, whereas the Critical Skills allows you 12 months to secure a job, which gives you more time to search for your ideal job. The holder needs to report to Home Affairs once a year.

The applicant needs to show 5 years experience before apply applying for permanent residency, but the good news is that if you have 2 years experience, then you may apply for permanent residency after completing 3 years on your critical skills visa.

Submit your enquiry now if your occupation has been listed on the Critical Skills List by simply clicking on the following link: I would like a consultant to call me back.....

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