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What you need to know about the South African Critical Skills visa

What you need to know about the South African Critical Skills visa

What You Need To Know About The South African Critical Skills Visa

South Africa’s visa system allows for various options that might help your visa application process – but only if you apply for the correct visa!

If you qualify for one of the specialized visas you might fast track both your visa application process and perhaps even your permanent residency in South Africa so it is certainly worthwhile seeking the advice of a professional immigration consultant who will give you the best and most up to date information.

Some of the things an immigration professional will tell you are that your work visa is typically valid for between one and five years but can also be extended on application. Your consultant will be able to help you with applying for an extension and will keep you informed while your visa is being processed by the South African Department of Home Affairs.

A New World Immigration consultant will, after speaking with you, advice you on the correct visa to apply for and if it is the Critical Skills Visa for South Africa.
If you are a foreigner with critical skills in your chosen field that could positively contribute to the South African economy or society you might be eligible to apply for an Critical Skills Visa.

In June 2014 the Department of Home Affairs with the Department of Trade and Industry released a comprehensive list of occupations listed as a Critical Skills in South Africa. This means that the country’s leaders have identified occupations in the areas of industry, agriculture, science, medicine, engineering etc that are in short supply in South Africa but are needed to ensure the growth of the country.

A Critical Skills Visa as the added bonus that you need not have a job offer from a South African company – although it would help and you can work for any employer as long as you are employed in the occupational field for which you received your visa.

Obtaining your Critical Skills Visa means that, unlike most other visas, you are invited to immediately apply for your, and your immediate family’s, South African Permanent Residency too.

Speaking from the New World Immigration offices in Cape Town, CEO Robbie Ragless said, “This visa is not restricted to those in academic professions. In many cases, we have secured this visa for exceptionally skilled artists, musicians, social activists, and entrepreneurs who are leaders in their industry.

“The nice thing about this visa is that if one qualifies, one can change employers at will and it offers immediate rights to apply for Permanent Residency for the applicant and their immediate family.”

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