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When do you qualify for a Critical Skills Visa?

When do you qualify for a Critical Skills Visa?

When Do You Qualify For A Critical Skills Visa

South Africa’s new visa legislation now provides a special visa specifically aimed at skilled professionals. Should your occupation be listed amongst those on the Critical Skills list you would qualify for this visa (certain conditions apply).

Critical Skills are occupations viewed by the South African government as a necessary function to be filled by appropriately qualified professionals which will positively contribute to the country’s growth, economic and social stability.

Typically occupations such as engineers, doctors, biologists, manufacturing specialists etc would be found on this list.

You should be registered with an applicable trade or industry association or board and you should have proven experience in your field.

This permit does not require a job offer. However, you must report to Home Affairs within 12 months of obtaining the visa and provide proof of employment. You can apply for Permanent Residency if you qualify for the critical skills visa. Please contact a consultant for further information.

By clicking on this link you will find the Critical Skills list

You should note that all qualifications and documents should be certified and submitted in one of South Africa’s official languages – of which English is probably the best.

This visa normally requires 30 to 40 days to process and the fees payable are a government fee of R1520 and a New Submission Centre fee of R1350.

Please note the following further requirements for all visa applications.

• Applicants are requested to get original documents for verification while submitting photocopies for any visa / permit category
• Original passport
• Copies of passport and previous visas
• Original bank payment / Electronic Fund Transfer receipt for each applicant
• Original and copy of bank receipt per applicant in case of repatriation / bank guarantee paid in Department of Home Affairs Account
• Appointment letter
• Passport valid for no less than 30 calendar days after expiry of the intended visit.
• An unabridged birth certificate.
• Marriage certificate or in the case of a foreign spousal relationship, proof of official recognition thereof issued by the authorities of the foreign country of the applicant (where applicable).
• Proof of a union recognised in terms of the Recognition of Customary Marriages Act, 1998 (Act No. 120 of 1998), where applicable.
• Divorce decree, where applicable.
• Proof of court order awarding custody, where applicable.
• Written consent from both parents or sole custody parent, where applicable, with proof of sole custody.
• Proof of legal adoption where applicable.
• Legal separation order, where applicable.
• Police clearance certificates
• Proof that the applicant falls within the critical skills category.
• Written confirmation from the accredited professional body, council or board recognised by SAQA in terms of section 13(2)(i) of the National Qualifications Framework Act, 2008 (Act No 67 of 2008), or any relevant government Department confirming the skills or qualifications of the applicant and appropriate post qualification experience.
• Proof of evaluation of the foreign qualifications by SAQA

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