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Where to next for South Africans?

Our working age population grows by about 650 000 people per year, take into account that this number does not include the immigrants which flood into our country from neighbouring countries. Some of these new entrants won’t look for work but at least 500 000 will. That means South Africa needs to create 500 000 jobs per years, take into account that we have 49 million South Africans and more than 20% are already unemployed…now you can truly grasp the problem of unemployment in this country.

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Where To Next For South Africans

Between 1995-2008 South Africa created 330 000 jobs per year…a far cry from the 500 000 needed per year, half those jobs were created in 2 years when we had 5% economic growth, our current economic growth is 1.3%!!! Which means that we are mass producing unemployment and have been doing so for a substantial period of time.

More than a 3rd of our population live off social grants and less than 10% of the population pay income tax (the largest contributor to the Government coffers). We also have grossly discriminatory employment legislation which locks demographics out of our economy which is desperate for any growth. We look at the rate of inflation, the rate at which taxes, fuel levies and Government fees increase whilst our desperate Government scrambles to fund short term solutions to long term problems.

Documents were leaked to the media last week regarding PetroSA’s plan to cut its work force by 40%...these are Engineers and Technicians which will end up unemployed. Why should they forge forward and suffer in a country whose Government is the largest shareholder of the company which has just cast them out? Why should many of them stay here when they are also being locked out of the economy due to legislation and poor economic growth? South Africa is in deep trouble, we have extreme policies, cripplingly low economic growth, high unemployment, rampant corruption and an all in all unsustainable present and non-existent future.

If ever there was a time to go and secure ones future for oneself and one’s family…it is now. The time for thinking about immigration has past. First World economies understand the value of skilled labour and solid economic growth regardless of the packaging it comes in. for further consultation, contact us directly and get an assessment on your eligibility to make the move. South Africa may or may not always be here but your opportunity to move on before the wave crashes will not always be on the table as it is now.

Ryan Van Niekerk

Immigration Consultant

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