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Withdrawal of Directive 43



Home Affairs Minister, Naledi Pandor, has officially decided to remove the Directive 43 of 2010 with immediate effect as from 1st April 2014. Now to give you a little more insight about Directive 43 and what it means to you. This regulation allowed foreigners to exit and re-enter into the Republic of South Africa with an expired temporary residence permit accompanied by an acknowledgement of receipt as evidence or proof that a new application has been submitted to the department of Home Affairs and that your permit is still currently pending.

Now with the withdrawal of Directive 43 this would no longer allow foreigners to travel out of the Republic of South Africa with the submission receipt and foreigners will be in contravention according to the New Immigration Act and liable to a fine for the period overstayed. Our advice to any applicant wanting to travel whilst awaiting their outcome from the Department of Affairs, New World Immigration strongly recommends that you rather remain in the Republic of South Africa until you have received your outcome and it’s been finalized.

We need to have a look at the bigger picture here and how it would really affect you whilst your application is pending at the Department of Home Affairs. Let’s say you’re in search of greener pastures in South Africa and decide to make the big move without your family for the time being until you have found your feet but suddenly something happens to your kids or wife/husband and you’re stuck here with no way of leaving the country until your application has been finalized.

This leaves you frantic and stressing for days as there is no solution to this problem. Remember if you decide to leave you would be liable to pay a fine and become an undesired person in South Africa. To top it all off you can or will possibly be bared from South Africa for good.

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