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You could qualify for a South African Permanent Residency Visa

You could qualify for a South African Permanent Residency Visa.

You Could Qualify For A South African Permanent Residency Visa

Living and working in South Africa is a privilege you could be part of if one of the following applies to you:

• You have held a general work visa for at least five years and you are permanently employed. Section 26(a) of the act.

• You would also qualify if you have a relative’s visa sponsored by an immediate member of your family. Section 26(b) of the act, section 26(c) of the act and section 27(g) of the Act.

• If you are in possession of a Critical Skills visa and have at least five years’ experience in that occupation you might also qualify for permanent residency. Section 27(a) of the Act.

• If your spouse is a South African National and you have been married for at least five years you would be eligible for a permanent residency visa. Section 26(b) of the Act.

• Are you in South Africa as an asylum seeker? If you have had official asylum status in the country for five years you could qualify for permanent residency.

• Those professionals with a Business Visa might also qualify for this visa. Section 27(c) of the Act.

• You could apply for permanent residency if your retirement income through a pension fund or retirement annuity is R37 000 per month. Section 27(e) of the Act.

• Alternatively a proven net asset of R12million and a payment of R120 000 to the South African Department of Home Affairs could also secure permanent residency in the republic.

New World immigration has had many years’ experience in processing Permanent Residency Visas, but of course visas are always processed by the South African Department of Home Affairs. In our experience such applications typically take 2 years to finalize, but depends on the DHA’s work load.

The cost of this visa is R1520 (government fee in South Africa) and a R1350 new submission centre fee.

How New World Immigration will help you with the following which will set you on the path to obtaining your visa quickly and with minimum frustration.

• We will complete a BI-947 form online. Handwritten forms will not be accepted by Department of Home Affairs.

• NWI submits original documents, on behalf of our clients, for verification while submitting photocopies for any visa / permit category.

Section 26(a) of the Act

• Proof of five years continuous work permits status.

• Proof of registration with professional body, board or council in the Republic, if applicable.

• Offer of permanent employment.

Section 26(b) of the Act

• Proof that applicant has been spouse of citizen or permanent resident for five years.

• Declaration of support for the application by the spouse who is a citizen or permanent resident.

• Identity document of the spouse who is the citizen or permanent resident.

• If the spouse is a permanent resident, a copy of his or her permanent residence permit must be submitted.

Section 26(c) of the Act

• Consent from both parents or guardian together with an undertaking to provide financial support to the applicant.

Section 26(d) of the Act

• An undertaking by the parents to provide the required financial support (if required) to the applicant.

Section 27(a) of the Act

• Offer of permanent employment. (The work offer must clearly state the occupation to be followed and salary and benefits offered and may not be older than three months at the time of submission. The position is subject to confirmation by the Department that the permit is accommodated within the yearly limits of available permits.)

• Proof by the employer that the position exists and that the position and related job description was advertised as contemplated in regulation 23(1) and that no suitably qualified citizen or permanent resident was available to fill that position.

• A certificate from the Department of Labour or an extraction from the database of a salary benchmarking organisation detailing the average salary earned by a person occupying a similar position in the Republic and that the terms and conditions of the work offer are not inferior to those prevailing in the relevant market sector for citizens or permanent residents.

Section 27(b) of the Act

• Testimonials from previous employers, if applicable.

• Comprehensive curriculum vitae.

• A letter from a foreign or South African organ of state or from an established South African academic, cultural or business body confirming the applicant’s extraordinary skills or qualifications.

• Other proof to substantiate extraordinary skills or qualifications, such as publications and testimonials.

• Proof that the extraordinary skill shall add value to the South African environment in which he or she intends to operate.

Section 27(c) of the Act

• Certification of viability of the business by a chartered accountant.

• Certification by a chartered accountant that at least the minimum monetary amount or capital contribution originating from abroad shall be invested as part of the book value of the business.

• Undertaking to register with the appropriate statutory body, if required by the nature of business.

• Business plan outlining the short and long term viability of the business.
• Proof or undertaking that at least five citizens or permanent residents will be employed.

• Proof that the business is or will be in one of the sectors contemplated in regulation 23(6).

• Where the application is in respect of an investment in an existing business, a partnership agreement and financial statements in respect of the preceding financial year.

• Proof or undertaking of registration with the South African Revenue Service.
Section 27(e) of the Act

• Proof that applicant has the right to a pension or irrevocable retirement annuity or net worth contemplated in regulation 23(10).

Section 27(f) of the Act

• Proof that the applicant has the minimum net worth contemplated in regulation 23(11).

• Payment of R120 000 to the Director-General.

Section 27(g) of the Act

• Proof of kinship or relationship

• Undertaking by citizen or permanent resident regarding financial, medical, physical and emotional responsibility for applicant (not applicable where the relative is the parent of a minor child of a citizen or permanent resident).

Make sure that:

Your current visa must be valid and up to date.

You need to renew your current visa while you wait for your Permanent Residency to come through.

Asylum seekers need to first apply for the Five Year Verification Letter and go before a standing committee before applying.

Life partner holders who can prove cohabitation going back five years, may also be eligible.

Visa Eligibility Assessments

For a free Visa Eligibility Assessments use New World Immigration’s handy tool that will confirm if you have the basic requirements to apply for a visa to South Africa.

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