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Your Rights as a South African – Part 2

Your Rights as a South African – Part 2!

This is part two of your rights as a South African citizen. This is important information for all who are already living in SA and for those who intend immigrating here.

Freedom of occupation, trade and profession – You may do whatever type of work you choose. It is up to you to make sure that what you are doing is not against the law.

Environment – It is your right to have a healthy environment to live in and your responsibility to keep it clean and safe.

Labour relations – You are allowed to go on strike and join unions, but need to understand that you are responsible for the consequences that may follow.

Housing – The government needs to make sure that they provide people with suitable housing. It is your job to follow the correct processes in order to make this possible.

Property – Any property that you own can only be taken away from you if you do not follow the rules. This can only happen if for the correct reason and you are compensated. Be sure to find out what rules apply with regards to your property.

Health care, water, food and social security – It is up to the government to make sure that everyone has access to clean water and food; social security and health care. Every citizen has the right to health care in an emergency.

Education – Every South African has the right to basic education in their home language.

Children – All children who are under the age of 18 have access to special rights.

Religious, linguistic and cultural communities – The different communities are allowed to practice their own religion, culture and speak their own language.

Culture and language - All may follow which ever culture they choose and may use the language of their choice, provided that it follows the rules of the bill of rights.

Administrative action – Any administrative action taken by the government must be fair and they need to give reasons for all the decisions that they make.

Access to the courts – You have the right to have legal problems heard and decided by a court.

Access to information – Any information that the government and others may have concerning your rights should be accessible by you at any time.

Accused, arrested or detained people – There are laws that protect the rights of people who have been accused, arrested or imprisoned.



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