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Your Rights as a South African

Your Rights as a South African – Part 1!

Citizens of South Africa have certain responsibilities and rights. These rights have been given to all of us through the Constitution. SA citizens also have the right to services that the government provides us with. If you know what your rights are, you will have the ability to fight for them and this will in turn improve the lives of all South Africans.

Equality - No person is allowed to discriminate against any gender, sex, race, age, colour, sexual orientation, culture, language, belief, religion, marital status or disability. There are other factors that come into play as well as the above mentioned.

Human dignity - Every person’s self-worth and dignity needs to be respected and people need to treat each other with honour.

Freedom and security - You may not be held without a trail, tortured or punished in a cruel way. You have the right to decide what happens with your body as well.

Life - Every person who lives in SA has the right to life and needs to take responsibility for their own life and the lives of others.

Privacy - Nobody may search your home, take your possessions or search you without a court order to do so.

Slavery, forced labour and servitude - Nobody living within the borders of South Africa may be forced into any type of work or slavery.

Freedom of speech, opinion and religion - Everyone has the right to think and believe what they want too and has the right to follow any religion that they choose.

Freedom of association - As a South African, you have the right to associate with any person that you wish too.

Freedom of expression - Every person may say whatever they feel as long as it does not cause violence or promote any type of hatred based on ethnicity, gender, religion or race.

Demonstration, assembly and petition – You may picket, put forward a petition or hold a demonstration as long as it remains peacefull.

Political rights – Provided that you are a citizen over the age of 18, you may vote and you have the right to support any party that you choose.

Citizenship – This is something that may not be taken away from you. You are expected to abide by the laws of the country in order to make SA a better place for everyone to live.

Freedom of movement and residence – As a citizen, you may live and go anywhere in South Africa.

Part 2 of your rights as a South African will follow tomorrow – WATCH THIS SPACE!


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