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Zimbos Soon to Hear Dispensation Project Phased Out

Zimbos Soon To Hear Dispensation Project Phased Out!

The South African government spends approximately R 90-million per year deporting illegal foreigners, which 90 per cent are Zimbabweans. In addition to this, most of these illegal immigrants make their way back to South Africa within days due to the unstable economic and political conditions in Zimbabwe. As a result of concern, the Department of Home Affairs has launched a special dispensation programme in September 2010 to legalize their stay in South Africa. The Department of Home Affairs has provided amnesty to Zimbabweans who had obtained legitimate identity permits using fraudulent documents. The dispensation programme has allowed illegal Zimbabwean Citizens the opportunity to identify themselves (legalize their stay) and allow them to apply under certain categories namely;

  • Work Permits
  • Study Permits
  • Business Permits

A source at the Department of Home Affairs has revealed that a large number of Zimbabweans will be refused when trying to renew their existing dispensation permit at Home Affairs.  The four year life span of the dispensation permit sadly leaves Zimbabweans with no other choice than to leave the country or to correct their status in SA. Home Affairs is adamant that a second roll out of regularisation will not take place for those who are still illegal and using fraudulent documents.

I had numerous calls with regards to the DZP permit and my honest opinion is apply for the General Work Permit now while you have the time to do so. Avoid waiting for the last minute only to have your permit cancelled and find yourself running around like a headless chicken.



Take a minute and think about this?

  • How would it affect you?
  • Would you lose your job?
  • How are you going to support your family in Zim?

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