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The world is becoming smaller and more people are exploring the planet in search of economic, social and political freedom. With this continued growth comes the need for more services assisting migrants with their travel plans. New World Immigration is a growing entity. Since inception, our growth rate has increased year on year as the demand for our services increases.

We are now looking for like minded individuals to assist us in this growth and become part of the New World Immigration family.If you are interested, please email Robbie Ragless on to find out more.

This is how it all works!
SIGN UP: You will be required to sign up to become a listed Licensed Partner

  • A listing under our Licensed Partner Page showing your name and profile
  • A certification recognising you as a New World Immigration licensed partner
  • 250 Business Cards
  • 25% referral fee commission per case that successfully transacts with NWI that you referred
  • Open line of communication with your dedicated line manager should you need assistance
  • A unique sign up page that you will use when signing up your clients
  • Full 24 hour support from our Licensed Partner support team


To become a Licensed Partner you will be required to invest R10,000

You are probably wondering how quickly you will be able to earn your initial investment back and starting making profits. Here are some calculations that will help using our AOV of R8000 and estimated volumes.
5 Clients per month = R10,000 pm
10 Clients per month = R20,000 pm
20 Clients per month = R40,000 pm
50 Clients per month = R100,000 pm
If you believe you have an established network and you are able to tap into this network, this could be a healthy career for you.

  • You become a Licensed Partner
  • You source a prospect and you want to refer them to New World Immigration
  • You go onto your unique sign up webpage and list their details. Our consultants will then make contact with them and sign them up.
  • The sale will be tracked and marked as your referral.
  • You will immediately be paid you referral fee into a bank account you provide us with

Its that simple....