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We are extremely excited to announce the creation of our New World Recruitment Division.

Headed up by our Recruitment Manager, Ross Leslie, this service is geared to provide you with the best possible tools to get you into the interview room. Our mentoring service will also ensure your profile is best represented and you stand out from the crowd.


Below you will find more information on this exciting offer.

Download our recruitment brochure here!

What happens when I pay for this service?

Your recruitment application will be handed over to our placement division and you will receive a phone call from one of our trained consultants. Our objective at this point is to understand your employability and to determine areas that we feel will require attention in order to enhance your profile and help you stand a better chance in being offered that perfect job. We will provide you with the tools needed to represent yourself as the best candidate for a number of eligible positions. Our experience in the industry gives you a huge advantage because we KNOW what employers want to see from foreign applications.

What can I expect to be done to help me find work?

Our team of dedicated professionals will be;

• Conducting a full skills assessment to establish compliance with positions available
• Assessing and updating your CV to fit the position on offer and to present your profile in the most original way. ( Remember, employers want to see something different, something original ! )
• Networking amongst our partnered agencies/companies for available positions and putting you forward for interviews
• Providing you with a Recruitment Mentoring Services which will include training on how to impress your future employer and to nail that interview
• Conducting a full skills assessment to establish compliance with positions available
• Posting your CV and profile to job boards
• Creating a motivational letter and a pre-screening reference from NWI endorsing your application
• Tracking your progress and keeping you in the loop with what we are doing which can be viewable on your own account area on our website

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