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Spouse Visa Working Rights

Time Processing Time in South Africa: 30-40 days
Processing Time if lodged abroad: 30 days
Dollar Currency Sign2 Government Fee in South Africa: R0
New Submission Centre Fee ( in SA ): R1350
Government Fee abroad: Dependent on Currency
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Spouse Visa Working Rights

Spouse Visa Working Rights

Did you know that your spouse could qualify for a spousal visa and working rights if you are a South African citizen or a migrant with a permanent residency permit?

Many migrants are unaware that the South African immigration laws makes provision for granting working rights of a spouse based on the original visa holder's citizenship or permanent residency permit. The spouse’s working rights visa is attached to an existing Spousal Visa, or may be applied for simultaneously if you’re a first time applicant. The Spouse Working Rights attachment to a visa is only a legal document when it remains related to a Spousal Visa.

Adding work rights to a Spousal Visa requires less paper work than you might think. For instance, applicants do not need to meet the criteria of work visa application such as submitting a letter of recommendation from the Department of Labour or applying for SAQA certificates. In these cases the applicant is also likely to find employment more easily as prospective employers are not obligated to prove to the Department of Home Affairs that all attempts has been exhausted to first find a local South African citizen by placing an advert in a local newspaper.

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First time applicants can read more about spousal permits here.

What are the requirements for adding working rights to a Spousal Visa?

According to South African law working rights can only be added once you have secured employment in South Africa. Your working rights and work permit are directly tied to your employer and expires as soon as you leave their employ. Should you wish to explore a new job offer you would be required to reapply for your work visa or your working rights on your spousal visa.

You should have the following documents ready when you apply for your Spousal Visa working rights

• Foreign nationals must be in possession of a valid Spousal Visa or in the process of applying for a Spousal Visa and 

• Contract of employment from a registered South African entity. 

Processing times for endorsing my visa with working rights 

In our experience processing a spousal visa, applied for at a South African embassy abroad, typically takes about 30 days. Adding spousal working rights to an existing visa in South Africa can take about 30-40 working days. 

Validity of your Spousal Visa Working Rights 

Spousal working rights and the spousal visa run co-currently. This means the spousal working rights visa is valid for no more than two years – which is how long a spousal visa is issued for. Spousal working rights will expire along with your spousal.

It’s good to remember 

It is important to note that first-time applicants must apply for a spousal visa in their country of residence. The South African Department of Home Affairs will not process visas in South Africa if the applicant is currently using a visitor’s visa or medical visa.

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