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Meet The Team

    • Sean Kupferberg

      Manager, Consultancy Division

      Coming from financial back ground and assisting individuals with their current situation, I have always enjoyed helping and providing a service that will assist in getting people into better positions and ultimately knowing that they will be living a happier and comfortable life after the service I have provided.

    • Shelley Faul

      Chief Operating Officer

      Shelley relocated from Pretoria one year ago and has extensive experience with Australian Immigration gained from working for the Australian High Commission as a Senior Immigration Officer for just over 6 years. She has also worked for the New Zealand High Commission from 2011 – 2012. Her passion is to help families get to Australia and better their lives. When not sending clients to Australia, Shelley spends her time with her two daughters enjoying Cape Town

    • Ellie Williams

      Manager - Case Management Division

      Ellie comes with over 10 years experience in the South African Immigration sector. Ellie specialises in work, business and corporate permit applications.

    • Jonathan Pretorius

      Casework Manager - Australia

      Jono has been in the immigration industry for approximately 11 years and has dealt with several countries, including the UK, Canada, South Africa and Australia. He is now specializing in Australian skilled visas for approximately 9 years. Jono has been issued with an offshore agent ID from DIAC (now known as the DIBP) as an agent operating outside of Australia. He enjoys assisting families migrate to their respective destinations and has had the pleasure of seeing their dreams become a reality!

    • Robeena Khan

      Canadian Immigration Practitioner - ICCRC Member ID R509230

      From Canada, Robeena graduated from the CSIC Immigration Practitioner Program in 2010. She has worked for Government of Canada in consular and immigration departments and is fluent in French. Robeena enjoys travelling and spending time with her family.

    • Nawahl Jaffer

      Senior Case Manager

      Nawahl is an Immigration consultant who currently specializes in South African Immigration and brings over 10 years of experience to the company. Nawahl has worked with a numerous Immigration firms dealing with all sorts of Temporary, permanent residency and citizenship visa applications for South Africa and Australia. Nawahl utilizes her expertise by providing advice and support to clients from the initial sign up right to lodgment and the eventual issuance of visas or permits.

    • Sarah Farthing

      Business Development Manager

      Sarah has been with New World Immigration for three years and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. She moved to SA 3.5 years ago from the US and lives with her partner in Cape Town. Having gone through the visa process herself, she brings a unique insight into what clients go through. When not offering great service at New World Immigration, she spends her time horse riding, walking her dogs at the beach, and is always in search of the perfect calamari.

    • Charl Vollmer

      Social Media Strategist

      When it comes to Social Media, Charl knows his stuff. Charl proactively manages the New World Immigration Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Storify, Linked in, Pinterest and Instagram Accounts

    • Kiefer Larsen

      Immigration Consultant

      Coming from Musina, Limpopo - the gateway into South Africa, I was surrounded by people who made immigration apart of their lifestyle. Working with New World Immigration has allowed me the opportunity to use my social skills in assisting people wanting to migrate either to South Africa or Australia. I pride myself in knowing that I am able to assist someone in need knowing that I play a major part of them making some of the best life decisions they have ever made.

    • Lee-Anne Pritchard

      Business Relations and Relocations Manager

      With 4 years working and traveling abroad I have the knowelede and experience in the relocaiton struggles. I focus my role on building relationships with the right people in the right places to get you abroad and settled hassle free. I assist with: Finding accommodation abroad, Shipping, Storage, Pet Relocation, Finances, opening accounts, transferring funds etc I look forward to working with you

    • Charne Trout

      Immigration Consultant

      I come from a sales and customer service background with one year working at a Canadian Immigration Consultancy, doing sales and customer service representation. I enjoy the immigration industry as I get to help people achieve their dreams of giving their families a better life. My entire professional career is based on dealing with people and making sure their expectations get met. When I'm not dealing with people you can find me playing video games or watching anime.

    • Joshua Pretorius

      Immigration Consultant

      Coming from a financial background, Joshua loves assisting with any financial and technically queries. Furthermore, being an analytical thinker he enjoys creating and tuning processes to make New World Immigration a more efficient workplace. Outside of work, he enjoys a wide range of music, gaming and fitness while always lending a helping hand wherever he finds himself.

    • Olivia Beaunoir

      Immigration Consultant

      With a 2 year diploma in travel and tourism I have lived, travelled, and studied in the US and the UK. I have settled back in South Africa, not losing touch with the many friends made abroad. I enjoy quality time with my family and have recently welcomed a new addition. I have worked in various sectors including travel, airline and immigration. My great interest and passion for visas, immigration and customer service allows me to assist you in bringing your dreams to life.

    • Shayne Steynberg

      Immigration Consultant

      Recently relocated to Cape Town from Sunny Durban and I haven’t looked back since. I currently have a marketing degree behind my name with the intentions to build on that. I’m highly motivated in all aspects of life and strive to better my life and those around me. Being in this position has helped me to literally change people’s lives, knowing you making a difference in someone’s life is an amazing privilege.

    • David Legolie

      Immigration Consultant

      I have always been fascinated with travelling around the world, although I’ve never been able to. Assisting others to accomplish their dreams of travelling around the world and immigrating, somehow helps me pay it forward, so that one day I will also be able to travel. I have a legal background which helps me with the South African rules and regulations when it comes to immigration laws.

    • Regina Mavura

      Immigration Consultant

      My travelling experience to Sub-Saharian countries such as Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Botswana and Zambia has enriched me with an ability to understand different demographics and has enhanced my capability to interact with people from all walks of life. I am Tourism major student and use my first time resolution principle to ensure a desired outcome is achieved.

    • Demi Phillips

      Immigration Consultant

      As a young professional, nothing excites me more than learning and experiencing new things to expand my knowledge. NWI is a vibrant company that allows me to grow and build on my experience. I work hard and I am dedicated to obtaining results. I have a Law degree which helps me deal with clients that want to immigrate to South Africa.

    • Matthew Kellendonk

      Immigration Consultant

      I come from a Sales background in a multitude of different areas. I love music, sport and being as sociable as possible. I’ve lived abroad and travelled to some of the most amazing places in the world which motivates me to help others fulfil their dreams of doing the same and enjoying their lives wherever they choose to live it.

    • Yuvna Muthy

      Immigration Consultant

      A Mauritian native, I moved to South Africa 4 years ago to pursue my studies at the University of Cape Town. I hold a double degree majoring in management and finance, organizational psychology and linguistics. I am currently busy completing my postgraduate studies in Marketing. I have previously worked in customer service, marketing research, finance and public relations.

    • Farai Mufarinya

      Immigration Consultant

      With an Honours Degree in Psychology, I come from a background of working for Non Profit Organisations. I am a philanthropist and philosopher who has published a couple of Books. My passion is to see people aspire. Here at N.W.I ; I feel so privileged to be in a position where I can assist people to relocate to destinations where they can prosper and be happier.

    • Deon Quintao

      Immigration Consultant

      Born in Johannesburg, Raised in Durban and finally settling in The Mother City Cape Town. I have travelled around to places such as London, Switzerland, France, Mozambique and Namibia to name a few. I have come from a managerial position and joining New World Immigration gives me the opportunity to continue to be a part of people's journeys while I assist with changing their lives. I believe everyone deserves the best and I believe I am that individual.

    • Justin McLennan

      Immigration Consultant

      Have alot of life experience travelling the world and soaking up different cultures and meeting different people from all walks of life. i have found that being in this kind of field allows me to express my passion and intent for achieving personal and interpersonal goals. Born and bred in cape town however am also a fellow Park Town boys scollar. I love delving into the great minds of the centuries. i am currently enjoying the journey of life!

    • Mark Wilkinson

      Immigration Consultant

      I spent 9 years in London where I completed my tertiary education and worked for various large and international corporations. I have travelled extensively in Europe, Africa and South East Asia experiencing various customs and cultures and would love to help you to do the same. I have a massive passion and drive to succeed and New World Immigration is really allowing me to fulfil this desire with their great company ethos and client focused agendas.

    • Andrew Garbet

      Immigration Consultant

      Originally from Johannesburg, I relocated to Cape Town 13 years ago and have never looked back. I have spent most of my career interacting with people from different walks of life which has helped me grow as a person. I spent 10 years in the hospitality industry working my way up to operations level for 2 major national franchises. Most recently I spent 6 years in Real Estate, it is such a great pleasure to help people achieve their life goals.

    • Keri Culver

      Immigration Consultant

      Having recently moved to Cape Town after spending 2 year abroad I believe in the value of culture and appreciating the opportunities that present themselves. I am an enthusiastic individual who will continuously go the extra mile to ensure the people around me are well looked after. I have a passion for music and exploring new and interesting places. I feel o privileged to be a part of a family like NWI and look forward to changing lives.

    • Tina Stegmann

      Immigration Consultant

      After spending nearly a decade working in CRM and Foreign Language Recruitment, Tina knows what truly drives conversations. It’s how well you connect with the heart-beating people you’re helping and communicating your understanding back to them. Tina has landed positions in hospitality as well as in foreign language recruitment around the world. Tina holds certification in CRM and Human Resource Management.

    • Danelle Ferreira

      Immigration Consultant

      Originally from the Eastern Cape, I moved to Cape town as a result of my love for the city and the excitement it brings. Throughout my career I have come to know many different cultures and it has taught me the value of individuality. I am a customer service professional with boundless experience in client relations. Every client of mine has their own destiny in life and my commitment is to support them in reaching that destination.

    • Adele Cilliers

      Immigration Consultant

      Adele has been living in Gaborone, Botswana for 17 years after relocating from Cape Town, South Africa. She is very familiar with the country’s traditions and cultures. Coming from a predominantly Sales backround, she is very efficient and understands the need for personalized service. She is prepared to go the “extra mile” to keep her clients well informed and relaxed.

    • Michelle Nduna

      Immigration Consultant

      Coming from a marketing and public relations background, I understand that the client is not always impressed by the technical jargon but the ultimate result. This makes me effective at what I do. Friendly, efficient and ready to assist. Every client is different and I guarantee a personalized service to assist with your move.


      Office Administrator

      Young and dynamic chap believe in team work and highly innovative. An accountant with economist background skill in tax matters. He has worked in different organisation and sectors from the Oil and Gas sector, Educational Sector, Financial Sector and presently working in the capacity as the Admin / Account Personnel of New World Immigration Limited; he has a working experience of 10 years out of which he has being at Managerial level for 5 years still counting.

    • Chidozie Okadigbo

      Immigration Consultant

      I've spent the last few years in Business Development and Education Consulting. With a customer-centered background, I prioritize in client satisfaction and building sustainable relationships. NWI provides the perfect opportunity for this.

    • Chibuzor Nnachi

      Immigration Consultant

      Being a Salesman for the greater part of my professional career is both fulfilling and challenging. I take pleasure in solving problems for people and find joy in hearing the excitement in their voice when their problems are solved. Originally, I studied Commercial Art, and often think of myself as an artist. I like to find creative ways of solving problems that are different from the norm.

    • Adaora Dada

      Immigration Consultant

      Adora is an immigration consultant with serval years of experience, she studied in UK as a business administrator. She relocated from UK after her studies to pursue her passion as a sales consultant in the immigration industry. Her passion is to help families in Nigeria fulfill their immigration dreams.

    • Flourish Agu

      Immigration Consultant

      With a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Advertising from the Eastern Mediterranean University, I am Extremely passionate about customer relationship. Changing lives and maintaining fruitful relationships with clients have become fundamental for me. I glow with a sense of pride and fulfillment when I can trigger Client satisfaction. NWI gives me the best platform to impact lives and I am especially excited about it.

    • Oluwaseun Ogunsanya

      Immigration Consultant

      Young professional with a highly innovative and skillful mind, with a professional work standard to apply management tools of strategic analysis, business operations and sales to develop and effectively execute projects and business solution models that would create opportunities, growth and development.


      Office Administrator Assistant

      With an Honors degree in Business Administration, I come from a background of Sales/Admin. I have worked with so many private organization. I love singing, reading and travelling. I am a self-motivated and goal oriented person. My boldness and communication and organizational skills, coupled with ability to pay attention and understand details make working in Administration enjoyable, also here NWI I feel privilege to be in this position to communicate and assist people.