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South African Requirements for Minors Travelling Internationally

25 May 2015 | charl

Pursuant to the 2011 amendments to the Immigration Act, 2002 (Act No 13 of 2002) and the subsequent Immigration Regulations promulgated on 22 May 2014, guidance material was revised to accord with the new provisions. Aspects related to the immigration requirements as they pertained to minors were held in abeyance until 1 June 2015.


DHA establishes Corporate Accounts Status

19 May 2015 | charl

This month the Department of Home Affairs launched its Corporate Accounts Status which it describes as "a premium One-Stop-Shop for visa and permit renewals of foreign nationals employed by corporates".


Who is applying for South African Visas and Why

18 May 2015 | charl

Ever wondered who wants to live in South Africa? Statistics released late last year shows that almost 20% of the residence permits issued at the time were to Zimbabwean applicants. Based on the figures Germans and British nationals are very keen to retire in the Republic with half of all retirement visas issued to nationals from those countries. And Angolans are entering South Africa specifically to gain access to the numerous excellent health care providers with a third of all medical visas issued to Angolans.