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Arriving in Australia Without a Visa

What to Expect if you Arrive at any Australian Airport without a Visa

When anyone arrives at an Australian Airport has to present all the necessary travel documents and their IPC (incoming Passenger Card to the people in charge of immigration clearance.



You will need to either have a valid visa or permission to enter Australia if you are not a citizen of the country. Most people who come from New Zealand are accommodated under special provisions and any person who has permission to travel to Australia without a visa is also allowed to enter. It is important that you get more information regarding entry into Australia from a qualified immigration expert to avoid complications.

Should you land in Australia without a valid travel document or other form of permission to enter, you could end up being delayed until proof of your identity has been established. You could be refused entry if you do not meet immigration clearance requirements.

Once you do make it past immigration clearance, your bags can then be collected and your things might be checked by Border Protection, Customs or Quarantine officers.

Immigration clearance at airports in Australia

Clearance officers will inspect your travel documents – it is just part of the immigration process.

As soon as they have confirmation that you are allowed into the country, the clearance officer in charge will finally approve your entry. Border protection and Australian Customs will handle all immigration clearance processing on behalf of the department.

It is also important that you know that the government does not issue anyone with Date and Port stamps unless it is requested. Should you need your passport to be stamped, you will need to get a Customs officer to do this before you leave Australia. Stamping is only done by request because electronic processing is taking over. All visas and records are now done electronically these days.

Should there be any dispute regarding your identity or permission to enter the country, you will be referred to immigration staff, who will check all your necessary history, documents, contacts or whatever else they need to check in order to confirm your identity.

Sometimes you might end up being interviewed by immigration staff regarding your immigration status. Those who cannot speak English very well may be assisted by an interpreter.

If for some reason you do not meet the requirements, you can be asked to leave immediately. This is a costly problem, which is why you need to consult with a professional immigration officer before leaving for Australia.

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