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International mature students drawn to Canada

It seems more and more older students are fast tracking their careers by studying at Canadian Universities. These are the findings of a new study.

International Mature Students Drawn To Canada

The study considered the effect of the changes to Canadian government’s immigration system and discovered that these changes could in fact lead to a significant rise in adult students who are seeking permanent residency in Canada.


One of the changes to the country’s immigration rules is that migrants who hold a degree from a Canadian University are awarded additional points towards obtaining their permanent residency in Canada. This has naturally resulted in a surge in international students wanting to study at Canadian Universities.

Even more interesting is the fact that it seems that more and more mature adults are applying to Canadian Universities. According to the Vancouver Sun, the trend of adults, typically with spouses and often with children, studying in Canada is a result of the government’s recent decision to classify foreign students among the front-runners to become permanent residents.

In November last year, Canada announced changes to its immigration system that it estimated would increase the numbers of international students invited to apply for permanent residency by a third.

Recent amendments also allow overseas students to include time spent studying in Canada in applications for citizenship.

An internal staff memo from Canada’s immigration office in the Philippines claimed that at its most recent study fair, “most questions were from mature, married clients with children, who were interested in open work permits for their spouse and study permits for their children”, according to the newspaper.

“They do not fit the profile of a typical international student,” added the office.

But immigration experts warn that of the 900 000 foreign temporary workers and students only 60,000 received fast-track approval to become permanent residents in Canada.


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